Patrick Sheehan for State Legislature


Improving the Economy.

"Patrick understands that strategic innovation builds strong companies that create jobs. We're thrilled with the work he did for our company, and I'm excited to see him apply the same blueprint for success to the legislature!"
- Dom Biggi,
VP Beaverton Foods

The role of state government is to provide an environment in which businesses can thrive and grow. Instead of being punished for successes, businesses should be rewarded for creating jobs and employing Oregonians.

Legislative incentives for startup, growth and expansion opportunities can help businesses to survive and then flourish as they hire more people and increase production.

We need to make it easier for small businesses to work with state agencies by simplifying the bureaucracy for contracting and permitting. Suffocating taxes, fees and regulations prevent businesses from creating jobs and need to be reviewed regularly to determine if they are doing what they were intended to do or if they are simply standing in the way of success for Oregon's small businesses.

Education first, not last.

"While an instructor at Clackamas Community College, Patrick inspired students with real-world projects – bridging the gap between business and education."
-Mollie Frey,
CCC Art Department (retired)

Public schools are being held hostage in Oregon. The largest budget item and supposedly the most important, education most often is the last item to be funded by our State Legislature. Patrick voted to fund education first in 2011, protecting K 12 from shortfalls in projections, and keeping education funding from being used as a political football.

If we are serious about education being important to Oregon's future and the future of its children, we need to continue to fund education before anything else in the state budget.

Our priorities in education should getting more money into the classrooms instead of bloated retirement accounts. We need to focus on supporting school choice and local control, and rewarding excellent teachers and student populations. Education needs to move to the front of the classroom and be recognized for its importance to our economy and our future.

Balancing the Budget.

I voted to balance the state budget without raising taxes or cutting funding for K-12 Education.

Keeping Oregonians safe.

"Patrick will be a strong leader in our fight against crime."
- Kevin L. Mannix

Measure 11's mandatory minimum sentences help prosecutors keep violent criminals off the street. We need to protect Measure 11 as it falls under attack from the Governor and the Legislature to keep violent offenders behind bars and away from your family.

Once criminals are behind bars, they need to serve their time. Too often, thanks to soft politicians, criminals are being released after serving less than half their sentences. This is unacceptable. Prisoners need to do their time with reasonable incentives for good behavior and rehabilitation - not automatic sentence reductions. Releasing prisoners early and without merit mocks the suffering of victims and put your family in harm's way.

I've voted to strenghten punishments for sex trafficking and adolescent prostitution, and closed a loophole in Oregon child pornography laws. I also authored a bill for direct funding of 9-1-1, which now saves Clackamas County $500,000 a year in public safety dollars.

Honoring and Protecting Our Veterans.

I was a Chief Sponsor of the Funeral Civility Act, which protects grieving families from funeral protesters. I also voted to build two new veterans homes, directed several agencies to share information about treatment for PTSD and other traumas associated with war, and established a task force to assure that family members of fallen or disabled soldier have access to tuition waivers at Oregon Community Colleges.

Rural Issues & Property Rights.

I support protecting family farms by reforming the death tax. I believe we need to give property owners more control over zoning and land use regulations.

I authored House bill 4090, which would have given property owners within the urban growth boundary the ability to access utilties in adjacent districts for development. I also authored a bill to take away Metro's authority to define that urban growth boundary, giving control for the East Side back to the local communities.

Re-thinking Health Care Delivery.

A government solution for health care is the wrong direction. Instead, a culture shift is needed in those who provide and receive care. Some of the factors contributing to the current crisis are:

  • Over consumption of diagnostic medicine - Doctors are sued or disciplined for missing obscure and unlikely diagnoses, and often prescribe unnecessary tests to avoid the trouble or to appease a patient's requests. Additionally, hospital imaging policies at the patients' end-of-life provides little diagnostic benefit for the terminally ill, and serve only to protect the legal interests of the hospital. This is nothing the government can or should be involved with regulating, but we as Oregonians need to come together to shift the culture to something more sustainable.
  • Out-of-control lawsuits - Our current system actually encourages lawsuits against medical professionals when juries award outrageous sums to patients and their families. Everyone deserves protection for malpractice and adequate health care but our current system rewards trial lawyers – not patients.
  • "All-access" Insurance - Instead of being used as it was originally intended, as a protection against an unlikely eventuality, health insurance is now thought of as taking care of everything. If we want health insurance to pay for every doctor visit and bottle of aspirin, it's going to be a lot more expensive.

My stance on health care revolves around shifting the culture of over-consumption of diagnostic medicine, stopping out-of-control lawsuits, and accepting some level of financial responsibility for our own health. Taking responsibility for our own health includes lots of things – eating healthy, exercising, and visiting the doctor if we get sick. If we don't have insurance, then we should pay for a doctor visit before the problem gets worse (and more expensive) at one of the dozens of clinics that offer affordable walk-in care for published prices. We owe it to each other to take some level of responsibility for our own health care, so we're not clogging expensive emergency rooms with uninsured individuals who could have caught their health problems early.

As a state government, we need to rethink "Cadillac" health insurance benefits for public employees, and offer choice and portability in plans offered.

A voice for citizens.

Wading through the bureaucracy of state government to accomplish anything can be intimidating, frustrating and confusing. As government agencies grow, it becomes easier for Oregonians to become caught in the system's inefficiencies and confusing regulations and requirements.

As a representative of the people of my district, I encourage constituents to contact my office when they feel stuck or become intimidated in dealing with a state agency.

I use my oversight to try and correct the immediate problem for my constituents and address the bigger picture through legislative oversight. We need state agencies to be efficient and effective with our tax dollars and remember they are providing a service to Oregonians.

Other issues

The issues above are my priorities, but that doesn't mean that other issues are unimportant. If you have a question or would like clarification on an issue, please contact me at and I will do my best to answer your question as soon as possible.

Want more specifics? You've got it.

Please click the following links for a detailed Capitol Report for 2011 and 2012. See how I voted on several key bills, my thought process behind those votes, and some inside baseball!


Vic Atiyeh
Governor of Oregon, 1979-1987

Sheriff Craig Roberts
Clackamas County

Lori DeRemer
Mayor of Happy Valley

Steve Spinnett
Mayor of Damascus

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Estacada Fire Chief

Michael Morrow
Happy Valley City Councilor

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Happy Valley City Councilor

Major Don Gilger
Salvation Army Portland Metro Coordinator

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